Mini Album – Always (2007.08.16)

BIGBANG, who has done 3 single albums, 1 studio album, and 6 times of successful nation-wide concert tour, finally released their most anticipated mini album “Always”. It’s been a year since they released their first single, BIGBANG put its best effort in their first mini album with the support from such big name producers like TEDDY, BRAVE BORHTERS, PERRY and YG’s chief Yang, Hyun Suk.
Mini Album, which sounds not very familiar to listeners in Korea, contains 6 songs. “거짓말 (Lie)” was written for G Dragon’s solo act, but, due to its quality, it’s suddenly turned out to the group act. Including LIES, the album contains various types of music from Euro-pop to Hip Hop. BIGBANG and their producers put a length of time to produce tracks for this mini album, and it’s obvious how serious BIGBANG takes their own music.

Titulo: Always EP
Fecha de lanzamiento:16 Agosto de 2007
Género: k-pop
Idioma: coreano

1.우린 빅뱅 (We Are Big Bang)
2.거짓말 (Lies)
3.없는 번호 (Unknown Number)
4.아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretend To Be Unconcerned) (T.O.P Solo) (Feat. Ji Eun / 지은)
5.Oh Ma Baby

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