Crown J – vol. 2 Miss Me

vol.2 Miss me?
Crown J
1. The King Iz Back (Feat. Esther)
2. Talk To Me (Feat. D.Brown)
3. I Will Take Her Away (그녀를 뺏겠습니다)
4. Timing (타이밍) (Kevin’s a Player Part2.)(Feat. Suh Anna)
5. Lovin’ You (Feat. Lyn)
6. Gyeol Byeok Jeung(Feat. Jerome, Kwon)
7. Perfume (Feat. Kwon)
8. One More Time (Feat. D.Brown)
9. Heads up (Feat. Hyun Jung)
10. Soul(魂) (Feat. MC Meta)
11. Lovin’ You 2.0 (Feat. Lyn)
12. Sunday Morning (‘Perfume’ Eng. Ver.)

vol. 2 Miss Me