Epik High vol.2 – High Society

vol.2 High Society
Epik High
1. 신사들의 산책 (Good Morning)
2. High Skool (Dedicated To Our Fans)
3. 평화의 날 (Dedicated To The Frustrated And The Angry)
4. Sunrise Interlude
5. Lesson 2 (Sunset) (Dedicated To All Prisoners Of Societys)
6. My Ghetto (Feat. 김연우, Dedicated To The Poor In The City Of Seoul)
7. The Basics (Feat. UnknownDJs)
8. 신사들의 절약정신 (Good Afternoon)
9. Lady (High Society) (Dedicated To The Ladies)
10. 피해망상 Pt. 3 (With TBNY, Dedicated To The Guilty And The Paranoid)
11. November 1st (Feat. Kim Jae Suk, Of Wanted, Dedicated To All Musicians Who Sacrifice Their Lives For Theart)
12. 뚜뚜루 (Dedicated To The Young At Heart)
13. 혼자라도 (Feat. Clazziquai, Dedicated To The Lonely And The Desolate)
14. Daydream (사직서) (Dedicated To The Working Class)
15. Open M.I.C. (Feat. Eun Ji Won, TBNY, Tweak, Dynamic Duo, Dedicated To Hiphop)
16. 뒷담화 (Dedicated To The Critics)
17. 신사들의 몰락 (Good Evening)
18. I Remember (Bonus Track, 70s Soul Remix, With Asoto Union & Kensie)
Epik High vol.2 – High Society


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